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From spinning plates to running a worldwide digital coaching business

As you can probably tell from the title, Parfournen has come a long way, and travelled that distance rapidly, all on the shoulders of our founder, Danny Speirs. So here’s some background!

With a S&C and business background, Danny was heavily involved in helping develop both Yorkshire Cricket and Leeds Rhinos. In April 2019 he decided to go self-employed. With his entrepreneurial flare, he served huge local organisations under his own personal brand; including Yorkshire Cricket and the Leeds Rhinos women’s team (although not employed by them this time!), as well as Leeds Rhinos Netball and Leeds Rhinos Academy. His entrepreneurial skills had always been there but now with the motivation of having to work for himself, Danny began to work hard….

And the hard work paid off!!

At the start of the pandemic, Danny had a hunch that the whole world was rapidly heading towards a more digital age – and right he was. And so, Parfournen was born. But before I tell you about Danny’s next big steps here’s what really need to know about Parfournen:

The Why?

The ‘everyday’ athletes, such as the Owen Gemell, Sebastian Murati, Dontae Lawerence of this world, deserve the opportunity to have their own backroom staff – just like the pros do.

Know their names? No. Because while they’re awesome athletes in their own right, they’re not on your TV screens.

The How?

Parfournen provides you with this backroom staff opportunity of the highest standard via a digital solution; you have access to this when you need it, when you want it, wherever you are.

This means you don’t have to fork out for the nutritional specialist, the physio, the chiropractor, the personal trainer and the gym membership – Parfournen puts it all in one… and for cheaper too, because the process of becoming the best you, shouldn’t be hindered by your wallet.

The What?

Parfournen provides you with analysis, advice, services and plans in areas of nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports therapy.

Under these values and methods, 300 athletic clients, in all levels of their sport, have undertaken a part of their journey with Parfournen. Thanks to the digital solution that we provide, these athletes have come from a total of 14 countries across the world; including Columbia, Brazil, UAE, France, America, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine and, of course, the UK. Some of which have battled through the COVID restrictions with us, making use of our great outdoor training facilities.

At the moment, Parfournen is a sports lifestyle brand – helping athletes achieve and maintain the lifestyle they set for themselves in their goals. But we want it to be more than that. 100 years on from now, we want to have grown and adapted with the times, to continue helping athletes reach their full potential with a full-package digital solution. Even now, we are working digitally and virtually, for example with Danny in Nottingham (East Midlands, UK) and our social media manager, Bronwyn (hi there, that’s me!!) in Milton Keynes (South East, UK).

So, if ‘Your Best’ is somewhere you want to get to, we’d love to help you reach that destination with our full-package, backroom staff, digital solution. So what are you waiting for???

Drop Danny an email, or message us on Instagram or Facebook, and let’s have a chat about how WE can facilitate YOUR SUCCESS.

By Bronwyn

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