3 Non-Rugby Books All Rugby Players Should Read

Updated: Jan 16

Here comes the 'rugby players can't read' joke.

Get that out of the way early.

Now we can get on with the rest of the blog.

If you are like me, you may be interested in self-development. It doesn't have to be associated with your career. Your health, fitness, and performance can come into this category as well. You are continually trying to get better. Books are of course great resources to learn from, so have 3 that we think you should read!

1. Black Box Thinking

'Success can only happen when we confront our mistakes'

One of my favourite reads ever. In short, the books uses the successes of other industries and high performers and the common rules that apply all of them. They all fail. BUT, they all confront they're failures and learn from them.

A great read for anybody who wants to continue to progress for the long term.

2. Atomic Habits

It is easy to become overwhelmed by trying to change and long term goals. We think BIG and we lose sight of the day to day journey.

Atomic Habits highlights how small actions accumulate and grow into 'life changing outcomes'. Packed inside of the book are great insights into how you can implement habits into your day to day goals that positively contribute to the bigger picture.

3. Relentless

This book is the perfect fit for anybody wanting to improve their rugby performance. It is jam packed with the traits of the unstoppable in sport, business, and other areas of life.

Extremely thought provoking, motivating, and actionable.

Have you read any of the three books? Drop me an e-mail at and let me know what you thought!

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